LandscapingSpring Landscaping To Do List
Ready to enjoy your yard again? Our spring landscaping to do list includes 8 ways to jump back in to taking care of your yard after a long winter and to ensure that you’ll be ready for a beautiful summer.

Spring Landscaping To Do List

Spring has officially sprung! The weather is beautiful, you can feel the warmth infusing the air, and little blooms that have laid dormant all winter are starting to make a comeback. It’s time to get outside and start working on your spring landscaping checklist. If you get a jumpstart now, you will be enjoying a beautiful yard all summer long. 


Some people see the first signs of spring and can’t wait to pull out their shovel and start breaking ground on their spring landscaping ideas. Others look at their yards that may be a little worse for the wear after the winter season and feel overwhelmed about where to begin their spring landscaping project. 


With a seasonal guide for the yard, Big Rock Landscaping can help you achieve the outdoor space of your dreams. The team at Big Rock understands that the landscaping job isn’t complete after the last tree is planted. Proper landscape maintenance and lawn care services are necessary to achieve the ultimate enjoyment and longevity from your outdoor spaces. With high-quality services and maintenance, Big Rock provides consistent service all year round, leaving your spring checklist a little less overwhelming. When you’re ready to start your new project or tackle that spring landscaping to do list, request a bid to get started with Big Rock landscaping design, installation, and maintenance.

Big Rock provides consistent service all year round, leaving your spring checklist a little less overwhelming.

Before You Begin Your Spring Landscaping Projects . . . 

It’s so important to educate yourself before you start your project. You may be asking yourself questions like when is a good time to start landscaping in the spring? When should you start your spring checklist? What if you didn’t do any end of the season landscaping prep work? What do you need to do to prepare your spring landscaping for new plantings? Is there a certain type of gear you need? Should you log in to Amazon and fill your cart with gardening tools? Should you make a gift wish list in case anyone you know is looking to shop for a landscape lover? Big Rock Landscaping is here to help you answer all of your questions about spring landscaping projects and see your project through from start to finish. 

When Should I Start My Spring Landscaping?

If you are feeling overwhelmed by spring residential landscaping tasks, let us guide you through it. We’ll tell you when, what, and how you should take care of your spring-time landscape.

Timing is Everything

Mother nature has her own internal clock, and depending on where you live in the world, how to get your landscaping ready for spring may differ, but for the Utah, the best time to tackle your springtime landscaping to-do list is during the last few weeks of winter, when the debris is readily visible and plants and trees are still partially dormant.

Know Your Landscape

Before you grab that rake, make sure you understand the needs of your landscape. Identify beforehand the types of soil you need for vibrant plant growth, where the sun and shade will rest on your property throughout the growing season, and how much water and nutrients different areas of your beds, lawn, and garden may need. Knowing what your landscape needs in advance will guarantee that no corner is overlooked.

Utilize Professional Services

If spring is coming on a bit too soon, consider hiring an experienced landscaper to help create a beautiful garden or lawnscape this spring. Big Rock Landscaping is an award-winning landscaping service that understands the Utah climate. We can do all the heavy lifting in terms of installing new projects, or maintaining your existing landscape so that it looks its best and will flourish for years to come.

What Not Do In Spring With Landscaping

Almost as important as knowing what to do, is knowing what NOT to do. This list will help prevent mistakes that can have a devastating effect on any landscape.

Avoid Planting Plants Too Close Together

Planting too closely together creates overcrowding where plants must compete for water and nutrients. Overcrowding can stress the plants, leading to poor growth. It also encourages pest issues.

Do Not Neglect To Water Plants

Every living thing needs water, and your plants and shrubs are no exception. But too much water can be just as devastating as too little water. Check at your local nursery or your local city website for water suggestions for different species of plants and shrubs. Watering regularly over the season will ensure good growth and a solid root system.

Don’t Forget To Trim Your Trees And Shrubs

Properly trimming and caring for trees and shrubs will promote healthy growth. Dead branches are not only unsightly, they also prevent new growth. Removing dead branches will also deter pets and allow your plants and trees to thrive.

Avoid Walking On Freshly Sodded Or Seeded Grass

Walking on freshly sodded or seeded grass can damage the plant roots and compromise the soil structure, inhibiting healthy growth. Allow 1-2 weeks after reseeding or sodding before walking on grass.

Spring Landscaping To Do List

Wondering where to begin? These top 10 tasks should be at the top of your spring landscaping checklist.

Inspect Your Trees And Shrubs

Time to take a look! Were any branches broken or damaged beyond repair during a winter storm? You may have branches that need to be removed by a professional, or you can test out the new pruning shears you purchased from Amazon. Inspect your yard, and be aware of and address any changes!

Test Your Soil

Soil is the key to gardening success. It’s important to test your soil every few years to make sure it has the correct mix of nutrients as well as the proper pH balance. Big Rock Landscaping would be happy to help you test your soil to make sure you have a very successful season.

Fertilize Like Crazy

Make sure you complete the soil testing before you fertilize your lawn. The results from the soil testing will help you to understand what nutrients are missing in your yard. Use this information to buy the appropriate fertilizer that can help make up for missing nutrients. Once you understand the soil composition in your yard, fertilize trees, shrubs, and your lawn. Make sure you read the instructions when fertilizing. Too little fertilizer won’t yield results, and too much fertilizer can be harmful to your yard. Let Big Rock Landscaping answer all of your fertilizing questions.

Control Weeds

Are you sneezing from allergies yet? Get your weeds under control before they take over this spring. Spring is the perfect time to apply weed controlling solutions to your yard.

Make Planting Beds Neat And Tidy

Before your zucchini plants go hog wild, get started on your garden with neat and tidy planting beds. Clean out leaves and debris from garden beds, and use an edging tool to prepare your planting beds.

Before your zucchini plants go hog wild, get started on your garden with neat and tidy planting beds. Clean out leaves and debris from garden beds, and use an edging tool to prepare your planting beds.

Get Mulching

Mulch for the win! Don’t let the mulch touch tree trunks or be deeper than three inches. But do add an inch-thick layer of fresh mulch around trees and in plant beds. The benefits of mulch lie in retaining moisture in the soil, controlling weeds, providing root insulation for winter, as well as keeping roots cool in the summer.

The benefits of mulch lie in retaining moisture in the soil, controlling weeds, providing root insulation for winter, as well as keeping roots cool in the summer.

Inspect Your Irrigation System

Do you want to be watering your yard by hand on an aggressive watering schedule? If the answer is no, Big Rock Landscaping would be happy to come and inspect your irrigation system to make sure there are no issues, making sure your garden is being watered with exactly what it needs.

Get Mowing

How often are you mowing? When the lawn is mowed once a week in the spring, the grass may become too tall in between mows which in turn stunts the roots of the grass. For a thicker, fuller lawn, mow every five days for the first six weeks of spring. And if mowing is not for you, the Big Rock Landscaping team would be more than willing to help with your landscaping maintenance. 

Download Your Spring Landscaping Checklist

Is having a well-tuned landscape a passion of yours? SAME. Follow this Spring Landscaping Checklist to make sure no corner of your yard is neglected this spring. You can download a copy for yourself. Download a full-color version or black and white.

Printable Spring Landscaping Checklist

  • Inspect trees and shrubs for signs of frost damage and breakage. Remove or trim affected areas.
  • Prune dead branches
  • Dispose of winter debris, such as old leaves, fallen branches, etc.
  • Test your soil for nutrients and fertilize if necessary
  • Apply weed control to lawn and mulched beds
  • Inspect mulched beds and apply new mulch if necessary
  • Add compost to garden beds
  • Inspect your irrigation system by turning on each section individually; check for leaks and spray canopy. Make sure water is getting to the areas that need water.
  • Fix broken nozzles or leaks in your sprinkler system
  • Mow your lawn; mowing often will encourage good root growth
  • Aerate your lawn if necessary; snow will compact the soil and suffocate roots

Big Rock Landscaping: Your Utah Landscaping Services Experts

Choosing a landscape for your outdoor space can be stressful. What plants are best for your region? How will you be using your outdoor space? What could you add to elevate your space to its highest potential? Big Rock Landscaping can help you find the answers to these questions. We live to create the perfect space for your family.

The team at Big Rock Landscaping is committed to providing an unparalleled level of customer service and professionalism as they design and create beautiful and livable spaces in a natural outdoor environment. 

Whatever your vision, Big Rock Landscaping has artistic tools, professional resources, and design expertise as well as installation and maintenance services in both commercial and residential areas along the Wasatch Front. Their professional and artistic eyes and attention to detail can help with every stage of the landscaping process. From the initial design concepts to the demolition and construction, Big Rock Landscaping works tirelessly to develop and maintain your perfect landscape.

Contact Big Rock Landscaping today to bring your outdoor dreams to reality.

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