Our Process

Our Process

When preparing for a large landscaping project, oftentimes the entire landscaping process can feel overwhelming. Most clients have never engaged in a large-scale landscaping design and installation project and aren’t sure what to expect.

Here’s one thing you can be sure of: Big Rock Premium Landscaping and Design is your choice for an Utah Landscaper because we provide you with a completely transparent view into our process. From designing and planning, all the way through the pricing and installation of your landscaping project, we rely on the positive impact that transparency has on communication, expectations, and stress levels throughout the landscaping process.

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The Big Rock Landscaping Process

When hiring a landscaping contractor, we know you have to extend a lot of trust to whomever you choose. You rightly expect professionalism, expertise, and integrity in anyone undertaking such a large project for you. And at Big Rock, we provide all of that alongside total honesty and friendly communication. We see our clients as partners in the landscaping process and give what we’d want from our partners in return. Open, collaborative, and professional teamwork are keys to our process as we build your dream landscape project together.

As we share an overview of how our landscaping process works, you will also see what services we provide, how we intend to carry out those services, and—ultimately—if we’re the partner you’re ready to choose for your new landscaping project in the Intermountain West.

Step 1: Consultation

Step one of this landscaping process is consultation. We absolutely want you to come to this partnership with your own ideas for the project—whether that’s in the form of magazine clippings, a Pinterest board, or anything else, that’s up to you. The important thing is that you understand we’re designing and creating this landscaping project for you. We’re there to catch a glimpse of your vision for the site and give our input on aesthetics, functionality, and budget so we can take your dream and make it a reality with the help of professional concepts and design, proper techniques, processes, and years of hard-earned experience.

The on-site consultation usually takes about an hour with one of our experienced landscape professionals. It’s the perfect time to ask as many questions as you’d like to get a feel for how we work, what we can make of your vision, and even queries regarding things like permitting or pricing. We’ll do our best to answer your questions then and there, but if we need to look into something further, we’ll always be prepared with answers at our next meeting.

Another thing we’ll be getting an idea of during the consultation is your budget for the landscaping project. Once we understand the scope, wants, needs, and budget for the space, we can create an estimate that will very closely reflect the cost of the final project. You can also bring site plans to help us create a more accurate estimate.

Following the consultation, you can expect to get a return bid, complete with itemized pricing for the different design elements, structural items, and plant life discussed together during the consultation.

block retaining wall for backyard landscaping

Step 2: Return Bid

Discussing the return bid is step number two in the Big Rock Landscaping process. The return bid is a living, adaptable document that can always be changed and shifted based on our clients’ wants and needs, as well as changes in material costs, etc.

This bid and our discussion surrounding it will help you understand the vision we’ve now tentatively created for your landscaping project. While it’s not set in stone, we will have made some executive decisions on materials based on what we believe will be best in the space, as well as to give you a more accurate estimate.

This part of the process entails us going through each line item on the return bid and discussing why it was chosen and the costs associated with it, along with any questions, concerns, or alternate ideas that might come up.

Step 3: Project Design

After meeting with you regarding the return bid—given your belief in the vision we’ve created for your space and the trust you have in us—we’ll meet together one more time to sign a design contract and talk through a few more specifics with one of our designers.

Once that contract has been signed, we’ll take all the information and ideas we’ve gathered from our time together and really begin developing a concrete concept for your landscape project. This part of the process typically takes approximately 6-8 weeks. During that time, our talented design team will take into account everything that has been discussed from grass, shrubs, and trees, to pools, water features, rock walls, hardscaping, and any other desired features for the project, and really make the vision come to life.

Landscaping walkways don't have to be solid stone or pavers. Add interest and design with green between walkway pavers.

Step 4: Finalize Project Design

At the end of the design portion of the landscaping process, Big Rock will deliver the final landscaping design plan to you, including each and every specific request that has been discussed in previous steps. Detailed information and specs on every element of the landscaping design plan will be provided and also inform the final budget which will also be discussed, alongside the next steps, at this meeting.

Step 5: Begin Construction

Now that the vision for your dream landscape project is set and documents are finalized, scheduling and construction can begin. This usually includes one more meeting between the designer, project manager, and the client to answer any further questions and agree on an appropriate timeline for the project.

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Let’s Work Together On Your Next Landscaping Project

Choosing the right landscaping contractor for your premium landscaping project is essential. Big Rock Premium Landscaping and Design is your premier choice for a Utah landscaper. We are familiar with the unique climate and seasons of Utah. We understand the soil, winterizing requirements, and local laws and requirements. But most importantly, we’re the landscapers you can trust for a truly transparent partnership, incredible quality, and beautiful design every time.

Big Rock Landscaping wants to work with you on your next dream landscaping project. Our passion for landscaping will ensure that your landscaping design will not only come to life but be completed with such quality and precision that you and your family will be able to enjoy your landscape for years to come.

For more information, or to set up a consultation, reach out to Big Rock Premium Landscaping and Design today. Simply fill out our contact form and we will set up a consultation to start chatting about your landscaping needs!

Let’s Get Started!

We are committed to providing an unparalleled level of service and professionalism as we craft beautiful, livable spaces in a natural outdoor environment.

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