Our Utah Landscaping Portfolio

Protect your immaculate landscape design with hardscape walkways through your front yard and backyard. Consider adding in interest and beauty with hardscape walkways in your landscape design.
Your home's garden can be designed to enhance its exterior beauty. Try adding symmetrical shrub elements in your garden for visual interest.
Luxury Landscaping
Classic residential landscaping such as curved front yard garden beds and hilled flower beds can create a comfortable yet beautiful landscape design.
Front Yard Landscaping
ideas for tall landscaping shrubs
Shrubs, Plants and Trees
Recreational Elements
Don’t create a boring swimming pool. Let Big Rock Landscaping help design and install a modern pool design that will leave your friends and family feeling like they left a luxury spa.
We’ve got the answers to all the above, plus everything you’ll need to consider before you start hardscaping
rock wall landscaping designs
Rock Walls
Water Features
Creating your backyard takes more thought and planning than simply planting a few plants. Backyard landscape design is an important part of the landscaping process.
Outdoor Living
residential backyard landscaping
Backyard Landscaping
luxury fire pit landscaping design
Outdoor Lighting
Big Rock Landscaping's Landscaping Design service helps you create a design interest and custom patterns for your home.
Residential Landscaping
Hardscape design is more than just rock work, stones and pavers. If you have multiple levels in your home landscape, consider a hardscape design with stairs. Hardscape stairs can be natural stone, cement, pavers or a mix of textures.
Fire Features
Block Walls

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