LandscapingBig Rock Joins the National Ability Center MOFO ‘22 Ride
Big Rock Landscaping believes in supporting the community, and is proud to have sponsored the MOFO ‘22 Ride for the National Abilities Center. Find out more about the NAC here.

Big Rock Joins the National Ability Center MOFO ‘22 Ride

Riding a bike to the top of Park City’s “Puke Hill” is a challenge on any day, but on September 24, 2022, riders set out to conquer it for a cause in the annual MOFO Ride. Big Rock is a proud supporter of the community where we live and work. That’s why we were happy to be one of this year’s sponsors for the ride that benefits the National Abilities Center. The ride brings awareness to the NAC’s mission of empowering individuals of all abilities through sport, recreation, and educational programs.

What Is The MOFO Ride?

The MOFO Ride takes place in the fall in Park City—which if you ask us, is the best time to view the landscape of the renowned mountain ski town. Riders on traditional stand-up bicycles join with adaptive riders, including hand cyclists, to pedal through the mountains of Park City. All riders start and end at the National Abilities Center. From there, it’s a choose your own adventure, or more accurately, a pick your poison kind of ride.

No matter which ride option you take, all participants face the challenge of climbing “Puke Hill” before descending down the Wasatch Crest Trail, and returning to the National Abilities Center. 

The Whole MOFO:

If 38.6 miles of beautiful but grueling terrain is your thing, then this is the ride for you. Not only does it feature a lot of miles, but you’ll get in more than 5,000 feet of climbing too. Riders start with the group, then head off to conquer extra miles before meeting the group again to climb the hill, then finish the ride.

The Mini MOFO:

While shorter than the Whole MOFO, the Mini MOFO still offers riders 24 miles of scenic trail to ride while climbing nearly 4,000 feet. Once again, the whole group meets together for the “Puke Hill” climb before finishing out the ride.

The Adaptive MOFO:

Adaptive athletes have their work cut out for them too with nearly ten miles and almost 1,000 feet of climbing. After starting with the group, riders will climb “Puke Hill” together, and either shuttle back, or descend back down with other riders.

All of the ride routes are challenging, and all support the National Ability Center’s mission of empowering individuals of all abilities by building self-esteem, confidence, and lifetime skills. It’s an amazing opportunity for participants and supporters alike to witness personal barriers being challenged and overcome.

What Is The National Abilities Center?

The organization that is now known as the National Abilities Center was founded in 1985 as a way of helping disabled veterans learn to ski. Since then, they have expanded to become a leader in adaptive recreation and adventure. They bring together people from around the world with the belief that outdoor recreation can be a link and that our differences can actually make us stronger.

The programs at the Center are designed to serve those with disabilities. They are good for everyone from novices to highly skilled athletes. As everyone adventures together, they grow together and strengthen each other.

Making The Community Beautiful

As a local company, Big Rock Landscaping takes pride in the community where we live and work. We love opportunities to support our friends and neighbors. We believe nothing makes an area more beautiful than kindness and support for one another.

If you want to learn more about the National Abilities Center, join in next year’s ride, donate, or volunteer, visit the NAC website, or contact them.

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