Xeriscaping Portfolio

Whether you want to reduce your water usage, minimize maintenance or enjoy the beauty of native plants, xeriscape offers a beautiful solution. We love our xeriscaping projects, not only because they are visually stunning but also because they give us the opportunity to flex our best design and installation skills. Xeriscaping requires an in-depth understanding of the climate, native plant life, and water access, all while designing a space that looks full of life and color.  A common concern regarding xeriscaping is that the yard will look dull and lifeless, but our clients are stunned by the vibrance and textures in our xeriscaped landscapes. Pleasantly surprised by the beauty of their xeriscaped yard, they are even more pleased when their first water bill shows a drastic reduction in use and cost. If you’ve ever considered xeriscaping, now is the time to design and install that dream, and we can help you create a xeriscape design sure to impress your friends and family, reduce your water usage and celebrate the beauty of the native plants of your area.

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