Shrubs, Plants, and Trees Portfolio

Any living component of your landscaping plan will present the most challenging and stunning element in your yard. The considerations regarding shrubbery are no exception, and perhaps are more challenging than other plant life in your yard. While a yard without shrubbery would look empty and dull, shrubs also don’t necessarily steal the show in landscape design. That’s what makes shrubs the unspoken hero of landscape design—they create the backdrops and framing for more prominent landscaping elements. When we create your landscape design, we consider how much light an area will receive throughout the year, how much maintenance the shrub will need, if the shrub blooms bright in the spring or has brilliant reds and yellows in the fall. We use our years of expertise and artistic eye to carefully select the perfect shrub for your yard, and trust us, this is an element that can make or break the space. Let us help you design the backyard you’ve been dreaming of! 

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