Residential Landscaping Portfolio

Your neighbor with the immaculate lawn, beautiful shrubbery, and tasteful flowers didn’t get that landscape by themselves. Either they are landscape enthusiasts with several dozen extra hours a week, or they have hired skilled and passionate landscape design and installation professionals. In fact, when you see a home with a breathtaking landscape or enjoy a swim in your neighbor’s pool, you are benefiting from the expertise of a residential landscape designer. We are passionate about creating a cohesive design that includes any elements in your dream yard: pools, hot tubs, pavers, fire features, and so much more. Our expertise in every component of outdoor spaces as well as our focus on design make Big Rock Landscaping the premier landscape professionals in Utah. We create the spaces where your life happens, and we take that responsibility seriously—when you work with us we work hard to make your landscaping dreams a reality.

Let Us Help You.

At Big Rock Landscaping, our clients are our top priority and the pride of our business. We’re proud to serve each individual we work with. And now that you’re here, we’re dying to know—how can we help you transform your property into everything you’ve been dreaming of?