Hardscaping Portfolio

Stunning stone patios, natural rock water features, decks with custom tile surrounding a pool, unique wood pergola—all of these show-stopping elements are considered hardscaping. Hardscaping is one of our favorite components of landscape design—and for good reason. These are the non-living elements in your yard: the stones, pavers, wood, fences, gravel, decks, and glass. Hardscaping provides structure and organization to the space. For example, the stone walkway guiding you through a series of flower beds, providing the structure needed to highlight the plant life, is hardscaping. Or the natural stone steps that lead up to your hot tub, and all the pavers around the hot tub are also hardscaping. Thoughtful hardscape planning requires expertise regarding water drainage, the long-term durability of the product, and considerations for the aesthetic of the space.  We are experts at hardscaping design, we create spaces that integrate hardscape and living elements seamlessly, giving you the long-term beauty and benefits of both. Don’t wait to find out how we can utilize our knowledge regarding hardscape to help you enjoy your outdoor space.

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